I wonder if anyone ever felt this way about moi…

I wonder if anyone ever felt this way about moi…

Day05: 5 things that irritates you about same sex/ opposite sex. 


· when they won’t do things to help women out in their lives because society taught them that its gay or w/e.
(example: help cook, go buy tampons, etc)

· when they do blatantly disrespect things to women in their lives because society has taught them that’s how to control them. (example: cheating, verbally and publicly disrespecting, etc)

· when they’re physically unappealing and they use money to get attention and affection from women but has a nasty , cocky attitude while doing it.

· the fact that they’ll never know how menstrual or labor pains feel like.

· how difficult it is to get one to commit.


· cattiness / competitive nature. I’ve never really been competitive with other women over anything. okay, a couple of times over the attention of a man and how i looked better (and how my legs are longer and nvrmind) but that has reasons. I mean women that are just nasty and try to hold other women down from jump w/o reason.

· emotionally instability. yes, all women are emotional but sometimes i just want to turn my emotional side off and i get criticized for that.

· how if they get an idea for something (hair style, outfit, etc) they never give the chick that gave them the influence for said thing the credit. It especially irritates me when they try and flip it as if the original female bit them instead of vice versa.

· how judgemental we are. If someone is tacky, so what? If someone enjoys sleeping with however many or whomever, so what? if she takes her clothes off for money, wear wigs, shops at a discount store, weave is only such and such inches long, so fucking what? Live and let live. Count your blessings and mind your business.

· how bad women gossips. period. don’t go spreading other people’s business if you’re not gonna use your mouth to share your own. I hate gossip.

DAY04: What do you wear to bed ? 

wife beater and underwear.





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"There is no greater evidence of how tragic things are for dark-skinned women in Hollywood than the fact that they can’t even get hired to play dark-skinned women." 


Why did God have to give us the period? As if we didn’t already have enough bullshit to deal with



Never run to people for help. What’ll you do when they all run the opposite direction? Be your own saving grace.

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Artist name: Jeremy Worst … let the world know.

Modern Acrylic Artist Atlanta,ga


Crazy good.

This is love!

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DAY03: What kind of person attracts you ? 

I dont know how to answer that. I guess, just like anyone else, the person has to be physically attractive in my eyes to get my attention. What is physically attractive in my eyes? Keen facial features like straight noses, nicely proportioned lips, and long eyelashes. How well they have their facial hairs maintained. How the person smells. How they dress; I’m not a fan of baggy clothes and wearing loud brass patterns. Their voice; is it loud or soft? Is what’s coming out of their mouth well thought out and relevant or ignorant and irritating to me ? If I can call that person at 4 a.m. or at the last minute for any and everything , that’s very attractive because it doesn’t make me question what they’re interest in me is. Those things make up the kind of person that attracts me.

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